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DEADLINE – Daniel Stern is set as the co-lead opposite Danny Pudi in NBC’s comedy pilot Strange Calls, from Kapital Entertainment, Hoodlum and 20th TV. Also cast in the pilot, written by Blake McCormick, are Allison Miller and Aliyah Royale. Based on an Australian format, Strange Calls centers on Toby (Pudi), an affable but down-on-his-luck young police officer. He is transferred to a rural town where — with the help of Gregor (Stern), a peculiar, elderly nightwatchman — he starts to realize the town has a bizarre supernatural underbelly. Miller, repped by ICM Partners, Thruline and Hansen Jacobson, plays a vet. Stern is with More/Medavoy and Paradigm.

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I’ve updated the gallery with HD screencaptures of episodes 1.08, 1.10 and 1.11 of ‘Selfie’.

Television Productions > Selfie (2014) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1.08 – Traumatic Party Stress Disorder
Television Productions > Selfie (2014) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1.10 – Imperfect Harmony
Television Productions > Selfie (2014) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1.11 – Perestroika

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THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – ABC’s Selfie has found a new home.
The comedy’s six unaired episodes will stream on Hulu, series creator/showrunner Emily Kapnek announced Monday.
ABC canceled the Warner Bros. Television comedy starring Karen Gillan and John Cho in November, with its seventh — and last episode — broadcast on Nov. 11.

Kapnek noted on Twitter that the first of the six unaired episodes will be released Tuesday on Hulu, Hulu Plus and, with the remaining episodes released one at a time every week for the next five weeks. (Selfie was part of an hourlong block of romantic comedies at ABC that both received the ax. Manhattan Love Story was the other and had the dubious honor of being the first canceled series of the season.)

Selfie was charged with opening ABC’s Tuesday night lineup — a tall order — and couldn’t cut through the clutter. The series opened to a mediocre 5.3 million viewers and a 1.6 rating among adults 18-to-49. Selfie shed viewers in the weeks that followed. ABC gave the series a bigger shot after it doubled up on originals on Election Night after Manhattan Love Story got the ax.

This isn’t the first time that a canceled ABC comedy’s unaired episodes found a home on Hulu. The streamer picked up the remaining episodes of James Van Der Beek-Krysten Ritter’s Apartment 23 in April 2013.
Reps for Hulu did not immediately respond to THR’s request for comment.

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MOVIEWEB – Though Allison Miller may be best known for TV roles such as Michelle Benjamin in Kings, Skye in Terra Nova and Carrie in Go On, the actress is starting to make some waves on the big screen as well. After starring in the thriller Devil’s Due earlier this year, the actress takes on a far less frightening role as the eccentric Catherine Brown in the indie Always Woodstock, which is available in select theaters and on VOD formats starting today, November 14.

The actress portrays Catherine Brown, who has a soul-sucking job working for a major record label, but she really wants to write her own music. After she catches her boyfriend Garret (Jason Ritter), an emotionally unstable actor, cheating on her, she decides to move back to her childhood home in Woodstock, New York. “Quirky” is almost an understatement when describing Catherine, who has a bizarre habit of screaming silently, or perhaps internally, but her delightful idiosyncrasies are always fun to watch. I recently had the chance to speak with Allison Miller about Always Woodstock, and you can take a look at our conversation below.

I saw this the other night and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.
Allison Miller: Oh, good. I’m glad to hear that.

I have to imagine that this was quite a fun script to read for you, with this character. Were you just chomping at the bit to play her?
Allison Miller: I absolutely was. It’s not too often where you get to play someone who has such a big journey, for me at least. It’s not often that I get to see that. Yeah, I really loved the script.

Are there any friends or family members of yours that maybe have some of these neurotic tendencies, that you may have borrowed for this character?
Allison Miller: Hmm,you know, it was sort of looking inward, more than at anybody else. I have known a lot of people who have had experiences in life where, suddenly, there is a big change, and everything has shifted, and they move across the country, and found themselves in that way. I dropped out of college and moved to LA and started chasing after my passion in that way. I think the connection of this character, for me, is that it’s just a very human story that everybody can relate to, at some point in their lives, a big change.

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HYPABLE – Selfie fans were hoping that ABC would air the remaining episodes of the cancelled series, but no such luck.

After only five weeks on the air, ABC chose to cancel its new sitcom Selfie due to low ratings.

Seven episodes out of a total 13 produced have aired so far; last Tuesday we could enjoy episode 7, “Here’s This Guy” (read our recap here).

While season 1, episode 8, “Traumatic Party Stress Disorder,” was scheduled to air on November 18, ABC has now revealed its decision to pull it from the schedule, replacing it with a repeat of Shark Tank.

We can’t help but find some irony in that title, how about you?

Episodes 9 and 10, which were scheduled to air in the following weeks, will be replaced by Dancing With the Stars clip shows, according to Zap2It.

There is no word from ABC yet as to whether they’ll ever air the remaining episodes of the audience fave Selfie. But for now, we might have to consider “Here’s This Guy” the show’s official series finale.

Henry (John Cho) ended up with Julia (Allison Miller), while Eliza (Karen Gillan) got to bake a cake and make a speech. We’re sure that’s exactly how series creator Emily Kapnek would have wanted to see it go.

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HD screencaptures from episode 1.07 of ‘Selfie’ have been added to the gallery!

Television Productions > Selfie (2014) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1.07 – Landline

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I’ve added three stills from episode 1.07 of ‘Selfie’!

Television Productions > Selfie (2014) > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1.07 – Landline

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DEADLINE – Selfie just joined its Tuesday companion, fellow new ABC comedy Manhattan Love Story, on the list of cancellations this season. ABC has opted not to order more episodes of Selfie beyond the initial 13. Unlike Manhattan Love Story, which was pulled effective immediately, Selfie will be on this coming Tuesday but its scheduling beyond that is unclear. Two original episodes of the series each logged an underwhelming 0.9 in 18-49 (Live+same day) this week. Another low-rated showing will likely trigger yanking from the schedule.

As I have pointed out a number of times, Selfie and Manhattan Love Story had the odds stacked against them by being scheduled in the Tuesday 8 PM hour — new series with no big marketable stars, no lead-in and little promotion. Selfie, which had higher pre-launch online awareness, probably because of its social media-friendly title, did better than Manhattan Love Story, but in the end, that wasn’t enough to keep it going.

Selfie‘s demise underscores the struggles for new comedy series this fall. Only one freshman comedy, ABC’s Black-ish, has received a full-season order so far this season vs. 8 new dramas. (New NBC comedy Marry Me was given a partial five-episode pickup.) There have been four comedy cancellations, NBC’s Bad Judge and A to Z and ABC’s Selfie and Manhattan Love Story, vs. no drama ones. Fox’s new comedy Mulaney saw its order trimmed and is all but certain to get cancelled after its freshman run. Ditto for CBS newbie The McCarthys.

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COMPLEX – In Always Woodstock, Catherine Brown (Allison Miller) is a down-and-out aspiring singer-songwriter who really can’t catch a break—her fiancè cheats on her, she’s working for a record label instead of getting signed by one—so she does the only thing that’s left for her to do, she leaves New York City.

That ends up turning things around for her—she meets a guy who probably won’t cheat on her (James Wolk a.k.a. Bob Benson, accounts, Mad Men) and she starts making her own music. It’s a classic happy story.

But what’s going on underneath all of that is a pretty clever condemnation of modern pop music and its refusal to think outside the box. Just check out the clip above—all those records execs wanna do is put a “beat” on Catherine’s songs, even if it makes no effing sense. And then there’s Jody Sinclair (Brittany Snow), the Kesha-like pop star who Catherine has to drag around like a child. It’s this sort of underlining wit and criticism that makes Always Woodstock worth seeing.

And you can pretty soon—the movie opens in New York and Los Angeles and on VOD on Nov. 14.

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Last night, Allison made her first appearance as Julia in episode 1.06 of ‘Selfie’, and I can’t wait to learn more about her character! I have added HD screencaptures in the gallery.

Television Productions > Selfie (2014) > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1.06 – Never Block Cookies

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