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Hello everyone! My name is Lora and I am the new owner of Allison Miller Online. I am more than happy to continue the amazing work of previous owners Ann and Michelle. I still have some work to do on the site but you can already browse it. As you can see I changed the design and used one of the Ray‘s premades. Please, let me know if you encounter any errors and if you want to have the latest news, feel free to follow us on twitter @AMillerCom. I hope you will enjoy your visit!

Public Appearances > 2012 > 10th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards
Public Appearances > 2012 > ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ Los Angeles Premiere
Public Appearances > 2012 > TV Guide Magazine’s 2012 Hot List Party
Public Appearances > 2013 > ELLE’s Women in Television Celebration

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TV LINE – Will Selfie‘s Henry meet a much more-than-fair lady?

Allison Miller, whose TV credits include Go On and Terra Nova, is set to recur on the new ABC comedy as Julia Howser, one of L.A.’s leading pediatric urologists, TVLine has confirmed. Driven and professional, Julia’s love of structure and discomfort with excessive frivolity present her as a potential love interest for Eliza Dooley’s personal “brand consultant,” Henry (played by John Cho).

Julia is further described as someone who “knows her ductus deferens and Dora the Explorer in equal measure — and patients and parents love her for it. She keeps Brooks Brothers’ women’s department in business and harbors an unabiding belief that she could make Patrick Jane (aka The Mentalist) forget all about his murdered wife and child… if only for one night.” OK, that’s rather specific.

Miller recently revealed her casting on the sitcom via Twitter.
Selfie airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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Hey everybody! I know these are really late and I apologize but I had some issues with getting access to the site. Now that everything is fixed I’ve added screencaptures of the pilot episode of Terra Nova to the gallery thanks to Holly. Hope you like them! The episode was fantastic and I can’t wait to see more.

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Allison and her Terra Nova co-star Landon Liboiron are featured in this year’s Nylon TV issue. You may remember that Allison was featured in the 2008 issue as well (for the way too early cancelled NBC show Kings)! Make sure to pick up your own copy of Nylon September as it features many promising up and comers for this fall season!

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What Is It? Fox’s expensive, much-hyped (and long-delayed) adventure series about a family from a miserable future Earth who travels back to the time of dinosaurs, to live with a group of colonists attempting to “start over” in a paradise infused with danger. Steven Spielberg executive produces.

When Is It On? It premieres with a two-hour movie on September 26th, airing on Mondays at 8 PM thereafter.

Should You Watch It? You will no matter what we say! It’s broad, and there’s too much clichéd family drama and not enough dinosaurs. But it’s got that premise to die for, and while the pilot isn’t as great as it could’ve been, it’s also much better than it might’ve been. Last January we asked Brannon Braga, the show’s creator if there might be a gay character. He said there wasn’t, but it was still early in the show’s development. We checked back with him this month, and, nope, still nothing.


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FOX has released a new video of Terra Nova, this time a First Look featurette featuring scenes from the show, behind the scenes clips and interviews with cast and crew.

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I’ve finally gotten around to making screencaptures of the behind the scenes video from the Hollywood Reporter photoshoot. If anyone gets the magazine and can do scans for us that would be fantastic!

Additionally I have made screencaptures of two Terra Nova trailers; the Coming Soon clip and the First Look trailer.

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So wait: If Terra Nova has people from the future going back in time to give humanity a second chance, how will they avoid mucking up the future through everything they do?

Producers have added an element into the show’s heavily reworked pilot to help answer all those pesky issues, which TV critics at Fox’s press tour grilled producers about during the network’s last press tour (back when we all thought Terra Nova was going to debut in May).

“So many people had the idea they were going back to change history, we wanted to change that,” said executive producer Rene Echevarria.

In the show, we learn they’re not going back into our past, but are on Earth during a “different time stream” — so nothing they do impacts the future. ”They’re colonists,” said Echevarria.

“We’ve always planned to address those issues,” added said exec prod Brannon Braga. “You’ve got to make sure you don’t have any holes due to the butterfly effect.”

Which doesn’t mean that living alongside dinosaurs won’t present a potential problem in a million years or so. ”There’s an asteroid coming — in a while,” Braga said. “But one of the cool things about the show is they have futuristic technology that we don’t have today. So they’re a little more prepared to deal with that.”

What about cave men?

“Early Man have not appeared yet,” Braga said, noting it takes place 85 million years ago.

And what about Sleestacks?


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FOX has released a new batch of promotional pictures of the Terra Nova cast and two of them feature Allison. I have added both to the gallery.

FOX has also released more Terra Nova episode stills but none of them feature Allison yet. As soon as they do they’ll be added to the gallery!

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Yesterday Allison was in attendance at the FOX All-Star Party for the upcoming Fall 2011/2012 TV season. Unfortunately I have only been able to find five pictures of her so far but hopefully more will find their way online soon!

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